Bounce King

Terms and Conditions
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For the safety of children using inflatable equipment supplied by Bounce King Cork we suggest that you follow these simple guidelines.


1. We recommend that it is safer to separate bouncing sessions into age groups i.e. under 5 year olds, 5 to 8 years, 9 to 12 years.
2. There should be no bouncing on the step and the front of the inflatable should be left unobstructed at all times.
3. Ensure that sharp objects including keys, toys and jewellery are not taken onto the inflatable. We would advise that children who wear spectacles or hearing aids remove them prior to going onto the inflatable.
4. Rough play and somersaults should be discouraged as this can easily cause injury.
5. Inflatables are not designed to be used in adverse weather conditions. The electric blower should be switched off at the mains and the plug removed in wet conditions. Equipment should not be re-connected until fully dry.
6. A responsible adult should supervise children in and around inflatables at all times.
7. Children should be kept away from the blower unit, electric cables and anchors.
8. No footwear is to be worn on the inflatable at any time.
9. No smoking or barbecues near the inflatable.
10. Food, drinks, party poppers, silly string and sharp objects are not to be taken onto the inflatable.
11. No climbing on the inflatable walls or bouncing on the step.
12. Persons taller than the outside walls when standing on the bed should not use the inflatable.
13. Maximum age for children using our small inflatable castles is 12 years old. We also supply larger castles for children/adults over the age of 13.
14. Persons under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs may not enter or supervise the use of an inflatable.
Active play is not without risk or injury. Parents or guardians are deemed to have acknowledged this risk by allowing children onto the inflatable.


Neither the proprietor of Bounce King or our employees accepts any responsibility for personal injury or any damages sustained as a result of usage of any equipment whilst on hire or loan.
The hirer shall be fully responsible for the inflatable equipment and all accessories whilst on hire. The hirer will be held liable for any repair or replacement costs incurred as a result of neglect, misuse or damage of equipment.